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Virtual Hearings

The IAC Online platform offers a seamless experience between on-site and virtual parties.

We support complex multi-party hearings across the globe, while maintaining confidentiality of each proceeding in accordance with best practices and rigorous testing.


Our platform is designed with two-layer security and a password protected dashboard.


Our dedicated IAC Online Technician will guide and support you to ensure you have a stress-free hearing.


We have all the technology that is required. All you need is a stable connection and a laptop.


The virtual hearing room offers a screen focused on Tribunal, Advocates, Experts, and Witnesses.

Remote Attendees' BENEFITS

Virtual attendees can follow the hearing either as speakers or non-speakers.

On our platform you can find embedded links to your chosen transcription or EPE provider.

We can record the hearing upon request. A link for this is normally provided within 48hr and expires 30 days after the conclusion of the hearing.

Interpretation channels are also available upon request.

Virtual Hearing Package

  • Secure with end-to-end encryption, user friendly platform.
  • Dedicated IAC Online technician.
  • A training and test session per party and tribunal


The daily fee is £2,000.

Note: This fee includes a group training session for each party, and the tribunal prior to the start of the hearing. Should anyone need additional training, we would charge this at £100 per half an hour or £175 for a full hour.

Have an upcoming virtual hearing and would like to ask further questions?